Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

We Will Reach Stars!

I still have the band first started in elementary school, I still play guitar. since graduating from elementary school we were separated, and I finally decided to quit the band.
I sat at the Junior High School, everything is different. many musicians who did not doubt their skills. but it all does not make me insecure. gilang and azis invited me to join with their band, but their looking for a drummer and vocalist. without much thought I took that chance. now looking for a vocalist, and finally; Agis who became the first vocalist of the band.

initial formation of this band is; Agis as a vocalist, gilang as a guitarist, nova a guitarist, azis as bassist and i as a drummer. I think it is quite interesting to explore new things, give a knock and set a tempo is not quite difficult. we get together and practice together while uniting our souls and determine the name of the band, we finally agreed the band was named "chitos". we filled a lot of events.

but after all this time, we could change we're mind to change the genre. Our formations underwent many changes, but all failed. we also restore the initial genre but there are new formations in our band. changing the position of lead singer Faisal. faisal who never played in a band d'grifas eventually join. fill our many events, we perfom already quite often.

Vyan, Ilham and willy, they are not unusual for us, they always helped, supported us and they ever play, one stage with us. Thank you guys! and big thanks to all who always support "chitos"

we will reach stars!
CHITOS: Faisal, Gilang, Azis, Kevin

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